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Low Level Laser Therapy Cost

Laser therapy is one of the most preferred and fastest growing therapy today for almost every disease. For pain relief, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is used.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a well-established therapy for pain relief and rehabilitation of numerous injuries. Through extensive research and clinical practice it has been found that the use of laser therapy with traditional physiotherapy techniques yields superior results.

Benefits of Laser therapy:

  • Non-invasive & painless therapy
  • Accelerate body’s natural healing ability
  • Highly effective & safe treatment for both acute and chronic pain
  • Not only removes pain but also treat its cause
  • Provides longer lasting pain relief
Low Level Laser Therapy Cost

How laser therapy works?

The laser light penetrates tissue where it is absorbed by cells and effectively stimulates healing and provide rapid pain relief. Apart from pain relief, laser therapy also stimulates tissue regeneration, improves circulation and accelerates healing.

Combination of Laser & Physiotherapy

Laser therapy is the latest technological advancement available in passive modality intervention today. The combination of Laser with physiotherapy has been clinically proven to achieve longer lasting and more effective results. Upon completion of a combined Laser & Physiotherapy program, patients achieve a greater range of motion, a normal muscle matrix, increased muscle and tendon strength and a reduction in the formation of scar tissue. These combined effects result in patients returning to their per-injury activity level, quickly and with negligible chances of re-injury.

Laser therapy is very effective for wound healing & diabetic ulcers like diabetic foot or tissue injuries.

We at Physio World provides tailor made program combining Physiotherapy & Laser therapy to best treat your condition.

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